Member Benefits Online System

Member Registration
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MBOS registration and access is for the exclusive use
of pension system members and benefit recipients.

If you are not authorized to use this site, please exit.
Unauthorized access is subject to prosecution to the fullest extent of
the law.
  In order to proceed you must have your membership number (active members) or retirement number (retired members)
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Benefit & QDRO Recipients
  Active Members
  • If you are a state employee paid through centralized payroll, your
        membership number is on your paystub
  • If you are a local government or local education employee, you
       can contact your human resources department for your
       membership number

     Retired Members, Benefits and QDRO Recipients
  • You can find your retirement or benefit recipient number on your
        statement of allowances and deductions
  • You can also find your retirement number on any correspondence
        you have received from the Division